Typeform Data Processing Agreement

Typeform is a popular form-building tool that enables users to create surveys, quizzes, and other types of forms. In the age of digital marketing and data privacy, it`s essential that you understand the data processing agreement (DPA) of any service you choose to use. A DPA is a legal agreement between you and your service provider that regulates how they handle your data. In this article, we`ll delve into Typeform`s DPA.

Typeform`s DPA is a contract between Typeform and its users that outlines how they will handle personal data that they process on behalf of their customers. As a data controller, you`re responsible for your customer`s data, while Typeform is a data processor that processes the data on your behalf. Therefore, it`s crucial that you understand how they handle your customer`s data.

One of the most critical parts of Typeform`s DPA is their commitment to data security. Typeform takes data protection seriously and has put in place robust technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of data. They use industry-standard encryption to protect personal data, and all data is hosted in secure data centers with physical security controls.

Typeform`s DPA also outlines how they handle data breaches. They have strict procedures in place to handle any data breaches and will notify you immediately if there is any unauthorized access, alteration, or disclosure of personal data.

Typeform`s DPA also explains how they handle sub-processors. Sub-processors are companies or individuals that Typeform contracts with to provide certain services. Typeform has procedures to ensure that sub-processors meet the same data protection standards as Typeform.

In conclusion, Typeform`s DPA is comprehensive and demonstrates their commitment to protecting personal data. As a digital marketer, it`s essential to choose service providers who take data protection seriously. Typeform`s DPA goes a long way in assuring users that they can trust the platform with their customer`s data.